vendredi 13 mai 2016

Fuel pump replacement

After doing Yorkie's annual maintenance (and swearing a lot at Land Rover engineers for placing the oil filter in an impossible place on the td5), I noticed that the fuel pump was noisy during purge.

I've been suspecting that the pump was on its way out for a few years. But I never had the time to look into it. So this week I decided to do it.

I found a very good tutorial that, even though it for a disco, mostly applies to the 110. I therefore won't create another tutorial.

Fortunately for me, the pervious owner made an access panel in the flatbed. I wasn't looking forward to dropping the fuel tank.

Main problems:
- removing the new connectors on the new pump to plug in the old ones. The old connectors were much easier to disconnect.
- pushing down the pump to screw on the retaining ring. I ended up pushing with my foot. That's a strong spring at the bottom of the tank.

The rest of the operation went well and a test drive showed no problem.

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